Allstate | Customer Service Phone Number

Allstate | Customer Service phone number:

The Customer Service is a tool that acts as a link, where the company maintains direct contact with its clients with the purpose of helping them solve their problems, or to make suggestions or compliments to the product or service provided by the company.
How to contact the Customer Service by phone in a more efficient way?
  • Make a checklist about the subject that is being addressed, listing the main points of your question, suggestion or complaint.
  • If they provide you with a protocol number, always write it down, because this is a way for the company to identify you and solve your problem.
  • Stay calm, patience is the best way to maintain a healthy and beneficial relationship for both parts, remember, your problem is related to the company, not the attendant.
  • Never disrespect any attendant.
What to do in cases of poor service?

As a customer, you have every right to express your dissatisfaction with the service provided by the company, given that the service agents have an obligation to solve your issue the best way possible, but in cases where the service is bad or you have not had your problem solved you can proceed as follows.

You can ask the attendant to speak to the manager or the superior in charge or express your dissatisfaction with the service through the evaluation options usually present on their page. Another effective way to solve the misunderstanding is through a message in one of the profiles of the company's social networks.


Allstate - Customer Service:
Phone: 1 877 810 2920 
Hearing impaired: 1 800 877 8973
Hours: 24/7

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